Eat, Drink, Play May 27, 2022

The Top 5 things to do in Wexford

In 2005, Wexford ranked the twenty-eighth best place to live by Money magazine. Wexford is a diverse community in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States. This community derives its name from County Wexford in Ireland.

Wexford is predominantly occupied by several local businesses, car dealerships, and corporate chains. A majority of the people in Wexford rank in the upper-middle-class. Wexford is an illustrious community and an excellent place to live and run a business.

Nonetheless, Wexford does not fall behind in entertainment and fun activities. You can visit several fun/entertainment spots in Wexford, but we would like to restrict this rich list to the top five.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 things to do/entertainment spots in Wexford.

North Park

The North Park is always open every day from dawn to midnight. This park is surrounded by 3,075 acres in McCandless, Hampton, and Pine townships.

North Park has a fishing and kayaking lake of about 75-acres. Furthermore, this park has a golf course, ice rink, off-leash areas, nature center, pool, ball fields, shelters, dek hockey rink, and trails.

The North Park (about 3,010 acres) is the largest in the system—the only park that comes close is the South Park. Its lake is the biggest artificial body of water in this region, Allegheny County, with four and one-half miles of natural woodlands as its borders.

North Park’s swimming pool is said to be the largest swimming pool in the world. This swimming pool holds two and a half million gallons of water. An average modern pool today carries 20 to 30,000 gallons of water.

The golf course in the park is spacious and well designed to suit your needs. You can also participate in activities like fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding, hiking / running, the Go Ape zipline & adventure, tennis, paddle tennis, pickleball, and picnic in this park.

Dots and Doodles

If you are interested in creating art, then Dots and Doodles studio in Wexford is the right place to be. It is like a mini restaurant for art!

Dots and Doodles is a beautiful art studio focused on inspiring your creativity. With Dots and Doodles, you are taught the “How” of creative art. Equipped with the best instructors to teach and guide you on your journey.

Age is also not a hindrance as this studio is open for artists between the ages of 3 to 103 years old with skill levels of beginner to advanced. All artists are invited and welcomed to this studio. 

Playdates for moms and their kids, after-school art-making with schoolmates, paint-night-out with friends, or special date night paint night are also all available at Dots and Doodles. Face masks are mandatory, and if your parties involve more than eight (8) people, you are advised to call for a private event.

Studio hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, we advise that you make a reservation for the weekend session or during holidays.

Dots and Doodles are well equipped with the right staff to help make your process seamless. The team will help you select projects and guide you along the way, irrespective of your age or skill level. Canvas and pottery sessions are also available in this studio.

The cost range for projects depending on the magnitude of the task and ease ranges from $20-$45.

Waste no time; kindly check out Dots and Doodles studio in Wexford for available classes, camps, pARTies, and open studio sessions.

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

Fun slides carpet Skatepark offers you the best experience for carpet skating. Children as young as three years old can hop on this for a great time. You do not need years of practice to get the hang of how it works. Within a few minutes, you can learn its operation and slide your way to fun!

Nonetheless, skate instructors are permanently assigned to first-timers until they know how it works. Ramps for all skill levels and extra activities are also available to ensure there is no dull moment. 

Need a place to relax or celebrate your birthday? This spot has got you covered.   

Shenot Farm and Market

In 1854, the Shenot family began to farm in Wexford. Although most people involved in farming saw it as a means of getting by and sustenance, this family had a bigger picture in mind.

As the years progressed, the operation patterns changed, but the goal to serve more than just their family was kept alive. From branching into diverse operations the family has today turned its focus on fruits and vegetables, currently anchored by Shenot’s 5th and 6th generation of farmers.

Variety, they say, “…is the spice of life,” and the Shenots seem to have the spice in their hands. They produce over 60 hybrid varieties of vegetable crops and sweet corn, with an Orchard producing 25 varieties of apples, 15 varieties of peaches, and nectarines accompanied by a few plums and pears.

All these varieties have their unique attributes and qualities attested to by the trusted feedback from customers.

If you are interested in agriculture on a large scale and hybrid plants, you will be on course to pay a visit. Learn, feast your eyes, and feed your stomach too!

Playground World

Northwest of Pittsburgh in Wexford, PA, lies an intriguing and breathtaking playground. This Playground has been operational for over 30 years and still blazing hot with improved standards and fun-filled activities.

Playground World is the top dog in Woodplay playsets, Springfree Trampolines (arguably the safest on earth), FlexCourt Athletic Surfaces, Play Base Surfaces, Goalrilla, and Goalsetter Hoop systems, among other exhilarating activities.

Safety is a keyword in this Playground; everything that has been set up was strategically put in play to ensure your child’s safety. Hence, there is little need to worry.

New additions are constantly coming in, and the owners will appreciate suggestions. Safety, excellence, and breathtaking fun are all you should expect from Playground World in Pittsburgh/Wexford.